theamdawg's reviews

Little Green Valley

No services. Pack in pack out. Road was a little rough, but cars were driving on it fine. Just gotta go slow. Small river rock and such in the dirt road. Not many low hanging trees to be concerned about. Man made fire rings with rocks throught the area we stayed in. Saw a few quads and dirt bikes out for a ride. People riding bicycles and someone on horseback. Plesant time will go back.

Flowing Springs
Flowing Springs Dispersed Camping

This area is not really ment for any type of trailer. The actual camp area would be best for tents. There are huge boulders which separate the road from the actual grass and shade trees. There is a "parking lot/turn around" if you'd like to park there, but it is in complete full sun. No hook ups. There is a vaulted toilet here. I didn't even try to stay there with my trailer which was disappointing because theres a nice little stream that runs the area and looks very inviting. I just didn't care to be in complete sun. 3 stars as it will be good for others. 🙂