Water Filter

Buyer guide
Small Brita Pitcher (5 cup)
You've probably heard of this one before :) Your standard Brita pitcher. Filters last 2 months
Camco TastePURE
Hooks up to your fresh water hose outside, each filter lasts about 3 months.
Filtrete Water Filtration System
A budget-friendly under-sink filter. Hooks up directly to your cold water line under sink - uses compression fittings to connect, so you'll have to do a bit of (easy) plumbing. Filters last 6 months
Why you need it

Campgrounds don’t always have the cleanest water, so it’s good to filter for both health and taste.

Decisions to make
Exterior vs under-sink vs container

Exterior water filters are the most-common - you attach it directly to your hose

Under-sink water filters attach to your cold water line somewhere inside the RV, typically by the sink. These are a bit more involved to install, but easiest in the long-run.

Container water filters are just a pitcher that filters the water - you may have used one of these in your home

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