Sewer Hose

Buyer guide
Thetford 20' Premium RV Sewer Hose Kit
A mid-tier sewer hose. Not the best quality, not the worst.
Camco 20' Super Kit RV Sewer Hose Kit
The budget option. It works, but tends to get brittle and crack over time
Lipper Waste Master 20' Sewer Hose
The Rolls-Royce of sewer hoses... but holy cow it's expensive. If you want the highest-quality, durable sewer hose, this is it.
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Why you need it

You'll need a sewer hose to get the black and gray water out of your {home} and into the RV park or dump station's septic or sewer system

Decisions to make
How long?

The sewer hose needs to be able to reach the hookup at the RV park or dump station. Typically 20' is a good length, and often times the hoses will come as two separate 10' sections, so if you're close when at a dump station, you only need to get one out

Crush-resistant / heavy-duty vs not

You probably won't be running over your sewer hose with a car, or otherwise "crushing" the sewer hose, but they typically are more durable (and more expensive)

The cheaper sewer hoses tend to get brittle and crack over time

Helpful Videos
How to dump black and gray tanks